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paramveer singh tiwana on 06.08.2008
baiji bahout hi vadhiya te salohoun yog kamm kar rehe ho...rab tuhanu kamjabiya bakhse...gur fateh
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Sukhvinder Kaur on 05.08.2008
It's so nice. Helpeful 4 +2 students of PSEB.
Ur work is Really gud.
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Ranjodh singh sandhu on 04.08.2008
bahut vadiya kamm aa
rabb thonu taraki dave
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Inder Preet Singh on 04.08.2008
Good job... keep it up... add a link to the Khalsa terminology like that used by the Guru Ki Fauj (Nihang Singhs) if possible...

Gur Fateh
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ranvir Sandhu on 04.08.2008
its a nice thought....keep it Up....Congrats on the launch of
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Sukhbir Singh Bhogal on 03.08.2008
very nice site.i like 1 thing that's punjabi language.
really its remember our culture, our Sabhychar.
thank you very much to all the members'.

with regards.
Sukhbir Singh Bhogal.
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Jagat Amar Preet Singh on 03.08.2008
Waheguru Ji Ka Khala, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh.

Tusi bahut vadhiya kamm kar rahe ho. Mere varge Punjabi Boli de chahun walya layee tuhaade wallon puttya gaya shalagha yog kadam hai.

Waheguru mehar bharya hath rakhe.
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sukirat on 31.07.2008
Thanks to all my dear friends and continue to all of them to start preseving our values and culture .. that's make us more valuable in this world.

This Site give us near to full extent information about our living ,our values ..and much more ..

At last and start ..BEST of LUCK
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